Sunday, 7 June 2015

Me at home during holidays not doing anything so bored!

Today is just a few days after June Holidays start and i am starting to get bored of it thinking back a few year before i wasn't that bored during JUNE HOLIDAYS! But now, I am that bored! HOW DO I CONTINUE ON FOR THE REST OF JUNE HOLIDAYS! BORED TO DEATH ALREADY ! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!DADDY GIVE ME SOMETHING TO DO!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

FCE Test! For the term wow!

1) 5 cookery terms:
> Glaze - To cover with a smooth, glossy surface or coating.
( )

>Knead - Massage or squeeze with hands.
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>Grill - To cook on a grill over intense heat.
( )

>Baste - To moisten foods during cooking with pan drippings or special sauce to add flavour and prevent drying.
( )

>Marinate - To soak meat.
( )

2) Personal connection
Glaze- Can use egg or some ingredients to coat like a uncooked food,for example when you do croissant before baking it coat it lightly with a brush with egg.

Knead- Massage the dough or the mixture with your hand when your dough is wet after adding all the ingredients knead the dough just to let it dry and not be so sticky.

Grill- to cooked food something like barbecue you have to grill the food to prevent it from being overcooked.

Baste- Moist food during cooking with sauce to prevent drying and also to add flavour, when you are frying and egg you may like to add butter to let the egg have the butter taste.

Marinate- Soak meat before cooking, when you cooking fry meat soak it in sauce to let it have the flavour. 

Gabrielle Tan from Class 1G :)